Defining New Standards

Through Reliability And Quality

Blue Pelican is a leading Pool and Spa Cleaning Service based out of Austin, Texas. Our mission is to redefine the outlook you have on your pool, and challenge the standards that other pool cleaners have left behind. Through our renown reliability and continuous quality, we will provide your pool or spa with the cleanliness it had on day one, and the purity it deserves today.

We strive for professionalism.

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining your pool, you want the best. At Blue Pelican, we exceed the best, and welcome you to our family.

We understand the process.

We know that your pool is difficult to care for. The busy lifestyle of Austin living never gives you the time to properly maintain your pool's ecosystem. We are the solution. No matter the size, we will not overlook a single detail, and leave your pool in an immaculate state. Let us make your next day off a refreshing one.

We truly care about our customers.

Our number one priority is you. We are dedicated to our customer's satisfaction, and will always be available for their support. At Blue Pelican Pools, we want you, your friends, and your family to be able to have the best experience possible this summer in your pool, and that's why we dedicate our time and effort to bring you the cleanest pool and spa possible.